Note : A free plan with unlimited access to 50 dataseries from World Bank is also available (see FAQ below)

For internal use only
If you plan to use our market data for an internal use only, this plan is right for you.

What is an internal use ?
Internal use can be defined as "within your company". It means that you can redistribute our data into your information systems, intranet or else BUT only if no external users have access to this data.

In all plans

• Access to 1, 5 or 50 different dataseries endpoints per month (endpoint is counted when ending with /data)

• Unlimited calls on those 1, 5 or 50 different dataseries endpoints


Is there some free available data for me to test your API ?

Yes !

One of our endpoint (WRB) is data from World Bank. It is publicly available with any API token created with your account.

You can make unlimited calls on this endpoint and you are free to use it anyway you want to.

Please check the documentation to understand how to use it.

1 / 5 / 50 different dataseries endpoints per month ?

Yes. Exactly. You can make API calls to a maximum of 1 / 5 / 50 different endpoints ending with /data (check the documentation to understand what it means)

The 1 / 5 / 50 different endpoints are reinitialized every first of month. So you can decide to change the 1 / 5 / 50 dataseries you follow the next month.

On those 1 / 5 / 50 endpoints, you can make unlimited calls during the month.

I have a website, can I display your data for my visitors ?

Unfortunately you cannot buy any of our plans and openly display our data

The only data you can display openly on your website is data from WRB endpoint which is freely available.

Can you provide a widget to nicely display the data ?

We do provide a widget (a javascript library). It is well working with all data from CommoPrices API.

Please note that the use of widget is dangerous as it can leads to a leak of your API Token.

See the widget in live.

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